Crying CEO

Ranked Top 1% in Facebook Advertising - Using a Creative Twist.

We were quite bored with the usual, tested and proven methods for marketing our agency. So we decided to try something different.

The Challenge

To generate new leads by creating a top performing marketing campaign targeted at business owners that needs help with a ROI-focused, no-nonsense marketing plan – only this time without using MarketLight’s name.

Our Solution

We wrote a story of one of our past clients, made some tweaks and launched it on a completely different domain. Since CEOs usually put on a strong front, we wanted the opposite.

The end result was the advertisement campaign,

A new Facebook Page, “Crying CEO”, was launched to target business owners to visit our new website.

The Results

We did not think that it will amount to much, but miraculously, this became one of our most successful campaigns till date.

  • Over 82,696 people reached
  • 10,902 clicks to
  • 500+ leads generated over a span of 30 days!
  • Advertisement is ranked in the top 1% in performance globally

We generated so many leads that, we no longer have to rely on any other marketing channels to generate appointments for ourselves. Hooray!

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