ISUN Education

From 0 to 500 new leads in just one month.

ISUN Education is a PSLE coaching institution that helps students aged 10–12 to transform their results for the Primary School Leaving Examination. They do not only provide regular lessons, but also other activities like camps, retreats, overseas trips and park visits to ensure that a child will not only grow academically, but holistically too.

Their Challenge

It was already in May and they only had one month to complete their marketing before the cut-off registration date for their programs. While their quality of the program is really good and they have grown in referrals from a year by year basis, they needed help to generate new customers – quickly.

As a small enterprise, they desperately need the solution to be effective, affordable and efficient.

Our Solution

After understanding how valuable their services can be to a student, we started to profile and research on which are the ideal demographics to target – parents with kids aged between 10–12.

We then sat through a heart to heart session to understand the intimate details of the business, ultimately ending up with a shared marketing plan to conquer the market.

The result was an integrated lead generation strategy that consists of the direction and content for a magazine advertorial, the development of a micro-site and a successful social media campaign.

The Results

ISUN Education’s marketing paid off in a BIG way. In just one month, we managed to generate

  • Over 400,000 targeted advertisement views
  • 15,000 unique website visits
  • 500 new signups
  • 30+ quality backlinks that will boost visibility over the long term
  • More than 10x in revenue generated per $1 spent.

Most importantly, this is just one of the many lead generation campaigns that ISUN Education will be engaging us to implement. We are glad to see how our ROI focused marketing can continue to generate these kinds of outsized returns for their business.

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