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Huge Impact on a Tiny Budget

Take Track with you

Back in January 2016, the founders of lliveo approached us with an urgent need – to help announce their product online, and to gauge public interest for their product, the new Track Earphones. We then sat down with them to listen to their story. Here’s what they had to say about their product:

We thought the current generation of workout earphones just weren’t good enough. What we wanted was a product for people with active lifestyles to literally take their music with them. That was the focus for the Track earphones – so people can take their workouts to the next level.

The Challenge

What they needed us to do was to create a compelling landing page and launch a digital marketing campaign, just in time for an important investors conference coming up in a weeks’ time. Thats right, a weeks’ time. With limited funds for marketing, LLIVEO set reasonable targets for us. They simply wanted 100 leads generated within the first month of the Paid Channel Advertising campaign.

One-Week Lead Time

lliveo’s hectic schedule required Marketlight to conceptualise, formulate a strategy and deliver the digital marketing campaign as soon as possible. Within a week from initial contact, Marketlight went from Preliminary Mockups to launching a responsive, one-page custom landing page, accompanied with the delivery of various marketing collaterals.


A beautiful landing page experience is essential to capture attention, and most importantly, to convert these visitors to potential customers. Visit their landing page

A good landing page experience helps

Nothing speaks about a product better than imagery. So we went ahead with an imagery focused landing page. Accompanied with the right targeting strategies, we’ve kept users interested, and let them dig into the essential information. How do we know that?

Analytics data says that the average visitor spends over 2 minutes lusting over these earphones! Furthermore, 2 out of every 10 of these people signed up to confirm their interest.

Additionally, since the goal of this entire campaign was to gauge the public interest, we abstained from requiring sensitive information. So we went ahead with 2 fields – Name and Email Address. We simply wanted an unobtrusive contact form with minimum hassle.


Staggering Results

The lead generation campaign commenced immediately after the landing page was ready. In two weeks, we managed to generate:

  • Over  1,000 unique visitors
  • Over 200 Sign Ups
  • A staggering 20% Conversion Rate
  • A 47% Bounce Rate with a 2-minute Average Session duration

Despite a tiny budget, the campaign went beyond our expectations. The staggering 20% conversion rate was only possible because we sat through an in-depth interview and analysis session with the founders of LLIVEO to discuss and strategise their campaigns for them. The quick-yet-delicate approach to this campaign resulted in a well-designed landing page experience and a single, coherent advertising message across the entire digital marketing campaign.

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