M2 Academy

300% more traffic through no-nonsense SEO.

Opened in 2014, M2 Academy was a new and remarkable private university that is taking the world by storm.

When students needed to get a fast track quality degree straight from their O levels or N levels, M2 Academy was the university to look for. From highly qualified tutors and innovative curricula, they enrich the lives of students both academically and culturally.

M2Logo_Master_zps0815ab1aTheir Challenge

While their education programs was impeccable, M2-Academy’s website traffic was not. As a local private university competing for limited space in Google’s results, it was crucial that M2-Academy find a way to crack the top rankings, improve organic traffic and start generating more customers through search engines.

They needed to quickly rank the website up to Google to generate more traffic, and make that ranking last for a long time to come.

Our Solution

We undertook a comprehensive website audit for M2-Academy and identified close to 200 SEO factors that were holding the site back from optimal performance. We then conducted a keyword research to discover the most profitable keywords they could rank for.

We followed through with making tweaks to their websites so that it was more search engine friendly, as well as conduct various backend search engine optimization initiatives to improve the authority of the website.

The Results

After the recommendations in our audit were implemented and the Search Engine Optimization began, the site really took off. During our 9-month relationship, traffic to M2-Academy increased by more than 300%, now with more than 12 keywords ranking on the first page.

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