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Our regular client, MyGym, worked with us to advertise their promotion happening in early January 2016. The Facebook Advertising Campaign has been a big hit with an ad budget of just $4500…. in over 2 weeks!


MyGym Singapore is the Worldwide leader in children’s gym, and looked to engage us during their special promotional period to sell their trial classes online. MyGym already had prior success to selling their gym packages online and having an E-Commerce store being set up on the main website. However, they looked to MarketLight to hone in on their advertising campaign.

Phase I – Understanding the Business

We sat down with MyGym and analyzed their business thoroughly. Who were their target clients? Where were their branches? What is the psychographic, demographics and natural misconceptions of parents even before sending their child to a gym? What were their hopes, desires, and fears? We also understood the unique selling proposition of MyGym and crafted a list of benefits that parents and children will receive when they send their child to a special gym just for children.

Phase II – Developing the message

We then created 3 different angles that we could use to approach the campaign and decided to focus on the core benefits of joining a gym as the main marketing message. We distilled the benefits into 2 levels – First, general advantages sending a child to regular gym sessions, and second, specific advantages that the viewer will gain if they decide to go ahead and choose MyGym as their solution. This will complemented with a blend of stock, original and custom designed images to keep a healthy picture to text ratio throughout the message.

We changed the headline to one that would draw in curiosity of the reader, instead of the usual “Buy Me” headlines that most corporations use when pushing for a trial class like this. We also added call to action forms on both the top and at the bottom of the page, so that parents that are already sold by the offer itself without needing to learn more can just book their trial class immediately, and those who might need more reassurance on how children gyms – more specifically MyGym, can help their child could learn about the advantages before signing up.

Phase III – Crafting the advertising campaign

We initially did a split test between advertising via Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, and found out after a few days that Facebook Ads are performing more effectively than Google Adwords when analyzing the unit economics of selling paid trials and generating enquiries. Zooming in further, we also made sure that we targeted at parents living at locations near the branches of the centres, and made sure that the ads are shown at appropriate times where the responses peaked.

Finally, we kept 10 different ad varations to split test our ad messages & images to the same target audience, often keeping the top 3 ads active and launching new ones to challenge the best running ads and to prevent ad fatigue.


In a short span of just 2 weeks and $4500, we managed to help MyGym sell 132 paid trials online, earning them an immediate revenue of $7920 (which more than covered their advertising cost!), and generated an additional 179 enquiries.

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