The Music Parlour

Building a Digital Presence for a Musical Haven

Yes, it is the Music Parlour that you are thinking about.


The Music Parlour is a jamming studio that was recently opened near the Central Business District area in the beginning of 2016. However, starting off in the competitive jamming and studio recording industry isn’t easy. There are two key problems that they faced:

  • The jamming studio is brand new. Nobody knew it existed or have even heard about it.
  • While the studio is located near the Central Business District (CBD) area, the storefront (located on the 4th floor of Peninsula Shopping Centre), has extremely little foot traffic.

Realising that traditional marketing methods may perform poorly in this situation, The Music Parlour decided that a digital marketing strategy to get their word out is the best way to do things, and decided to choose MarketLight as their marketing partner.


Before they officially opened their jamming studio to the public, we were engaged to build their current website,

Launch Result

Within the launching month of February, the website has attracted 2,839 (that is 97 visitors a day!) visitors, with an average session of 2 minutes from each visitor. The captivation of the website is seen from the low bounce rate of 50.32%.

Strong Traffic and Google Search Ranking Performance

Traffic to the website has remained strong with 1,738 and 1590 users in March and April respectively. The website can be found on first page of Google when related words, such as, “jamming studio Singapore” is used.

Top Brand

The Music Parlour has since developed a strong brand name and a popular place for jammers and musician to chill out in. It has been named in a few blogspots and forums as one of the top recommended jamming places in Singapore.

Landing Page

Not only did we design the website for them, we also created a landing page, with a limited-time offer in it where users could get 30 minutes of free jamming to try things out ( It was carefully designed to ensure the same look & feel of the brand for a seamless experience, and made sure users felt at home when navigating between the website and landing page. It also incorporated key elements of persuasion to encourage visitors to take an action quickly.

The Result

The landing page has been a huge success since the launch in March with a conversion rate of 4% (1% is the industry average). There were 63 sign ups for that month. The campaign reveals to be effective with the consistent result of 62 sign ups in April, making a consistent conversion rate of 4%. People are attracted to the landing page – this is shown in the bounce rate, which has never exceeded 70%.


It is also worth noting that the campaign doesn’t run for the entire month. The campaign follows a periodic, flighting schedule, which is synced with the promotion period.

In’s case, the running time is about 15-20 days per month. This made sure the promotions are kept short to encourage visitors to take urgent action.

  • March: 12 Days Ran / 63 Sign Ups / 4% Conversion Rate
  • April – 16 Days Ran / 66 Sign Ups / 4% Conversion Rate
  • May: 20 Days Ran / 55 Sign Ups / 3.5% Conversion Rate

Why they are so successful

The Music Parlour is able to rise to the top because of their strong brand image, which is communicated though the simultaneous implementation of the website & landing page, how we targeted their customers on social media, and their enticing promotion. The campaign not only drove great traffic and generated a considerable amount leads, it had a positive brand effect on The Music Parlour. Not to mention, they are a one-of-a-kind jamming studio in Singapore. Their studio , equipment and atmosphere will absolutely blow you off.

Haven’t heard of them yet? You should check them out.

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