How we work


It is after hours and most people have gone home.

The advertising manager is scribbling on the whiteboard trying to find out the best way to optimise a client’s campaign. A web developer is zoned in to his smartphone, hacking away to produce the features that is much needed for the next day. Faint sounds of incessant typing travels from a separate room – an intern is taking a course in long form copywriting.From the door comes a men who is frantically scraping and mining data on the web, trying to dissect, sequence and refine the exact right audience to target.

It is after hours, but he still works on. He will whip his copy into the finished form before his leaves. He will ensure that every single dollar spent on advertising goes out to the right person. He will zap the bugs out on the website so that visitors will have a seamless experience.

On his desk is a blank piece of paper. A brilliant idea is stirring in the head of the creative director. It will be roughed out before dawn breaks. One month from now, you will feel it tugging at your purse strings.

It is after hours and most men have gone home. But out in a back-office at Novena, be it in the room, out on the fields or, even late at night lying awake on the bed, people in this company never stop thinking about other people’s business. Restlessly running for clients who are completely unaware that such work is going on.

A few hurried notes typed out on the notepad using an iPhone in a sleepless night may be the key to next year’s most productive advertising campaign.

In between Youtube videos might be an idea that will make sales history. With food on the dining table going cold, a data scientist found out new ways to make the campaign even more effective. Relationships between data sets can be further scoped and manipulated.

These are phases of our service that our clients might have never thought of before. There is no mention of it in the proposal, or the terms of conditions. But our clients have been the recipients of our drive and will many times be again.

The client does not require it. The director does not expect it. But why such devotion from the experts who have already given us their day?

Anyone that deals regularly with people will tell you that this is the kind of work that money cannot buy. It is work done purely out of free will and the true reward is the pride in work well done. Those who understand the creative mind will know what we mean by that. The nights thinking of how to join things up. How to make the layout perfect. How to write headlines so appealing 20x more people will be intrigued by it.

Most of the people turn to this organisation because they feel that they could work in this spirit.

To win a challenge that others would have thought was impossible. To impose a standard on oneself that is way higher than what is required by the client or the boss. To produce work that is world class.

All of us here work towards advertising that is seen, read and believed. Advertising that builds trust, good working relationships and solves needs that others didn’t know they had – ads that turn the advertiser a good profit on his investment.

It is not an easy thing to do, and if we succeed it is because we love the job and have given our best.

People who work in this organisation would succeed in any company as a marketing director. These are the people who knows how to use advertising to persuade. They are professionals with a wealth of knowledge in literacy, psychology and technology.

They know how to sell. They know how to deliver the best work, at the lowest cost possible.

Rank your site on page 1? Write persuasive copy? Generate views and signups? Design mind-blowing websites? Get people to call you because they want to buy and not because you want to sell? We are capable of them all. We have developed our service into one that cannot be rivalled by any other organisations. Clients will have the maximum amount of returns possible when they decide to advertise with us. But quite the finest thing we have is the enthusiasm for the people and the relentless desire to produce world class work that is neither measured by the dollar or the clock.

If you advertise with us, we make sure that the amount of returns that you gain will be the highest ever possible.

This, too, is written after hours.